Published December 30, 2019


An interpretive journey rooted in local poetry

Nancy White, a teacher at Hickman High School, has built a powerhouse for student poetry. Using the poems of these local students, we challenged our photographers to let the words inspire them and collaborate with the poets to create a visual interpretation.Follow along as our visual journalists and an array of Columbia’s finest present — Visions of Verse.
Columbia Missourian
Published December 8, 2019


The magic and wonder of 2019 Friday Night football

Football is more than simply the action on the field. While everyone else stares at the big green box, eyes fixed under bright lights, we look the other way; at the relationships, reactions, moments and memories unfolding in the sidelines. Follow along each week as our visual journalists present 'Friday Night Sights' — the magic and wonder of Friday night football.
Columbia Missourian